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Onnetbd Information Technology
Onnetbd Information Technology

Benefits of Data Center Colocation!

Colocation offers you the flexibility to operate your hardware in a well secured and professionally managed data center and still have full control on the functioning of your server or network equipment. Colocation hosting offers you a list of benefits that guarantees online business growth and competitive edge. It also ensures that your cost of operation remains low without compromising on the quality of your data center needs.If you're looking for a turnkey colocation solution that is reliable and flexible enough to meet the needs of your evolving IT infrastructure, rack cabinets are an excellent option for your business. Cabinets offer the efficiency and economic benefits of shared space within a secure enclosure in which you can place active servers or electronics.

Each standard cabinet offers a 42Um, 600 x 1000 mm cabinet that is equipped with front and back locking vented doors, power strips, and cable management. Customized solutions are also offered to support other cabinet configurations. You have an array of options to choose from when it comes to Rack Space server hosting. Simply pick the Rack Space that best suits your needs.

Quarter Rack Colocation:
Half Rack Colocation:
Half Rack Colocation:
Full Rack Colocation:


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